Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

IAt Switch Telecom, we believe it is important to reward our team for a job well done. We love to celebrate wins, and we do fun things to do just that! Who would have thought climbing to 134m above sea level would be the best way to celebrate our achievements?

Hot Air Ballooning

At Switch Telecom, we know that investing in our people is they key to growing our company. We want this to be the best place to work because, for most people, the bulk of our waking hours are spent at work.

Switch on your new business

Starting a new business venture and feeling unsure about how to set up your telecommunication system? Switch on your business with Switch Telecom. We have years of experience in setting up new businesses with all their telecommunications needs. With a simple single…

Switching your office location?

Are you relocating office and don’t know where to start with moving your phone lines, phone systems and internet services? Switch Telecom can help. Switch Telecom specialises in making your switch as simple and as carefree as possible. It’s a process that we have…

This is not a drill!

For many companies, developing a set of ‘values’ or ‘culture’ is just a part of the ‘to do list’. Simply something they are told they need in order to be successful, or an unrealistic set of ideals that no-one really owns. Let me start by saying that if you are ‘told to…
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