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Empowering connectivity through cloud voice solutions with trusted industry leaders

Our Voice Products

Webex by Cisco

Secure collaboration tool with advanced voice capabilities, ensuring seamless communication and exceptional audio quality for calls and meetings.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Enhance Microsoft Teams by empowering it with PSTN calling capability, enabling seamless integration of telephony features for a comprehensive communication solution.

13 / 1300 / 1800 Inbound

Utilise our inbound platform for advanced and intelligent voice routing, enabling dynamic call management for optimised customer interactions.

Flexible SIP Services

Connect your voice infrastructure effortlessly, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced operational flexibility for your business.

Cloud PBX

Versatile telephony solution hosted in the cloud, offering scalable, cost-effective, and feature-rich phone system functionality.

Telstra Mobile

Connect to Australia's largest network, providing robust connectivity and extensive coverage for reliable communication.

Contact Centre

Discover personalised customer engagement with our cloud Contact Centre solutions, where powerful tools create an exceptional, welcoming experience tailored just for your clients.

Meetings & Collaboration

Enhancing meeting experiences with advanced technology and interactive collaboration. Solutions suitable for any meeting room or hybrid work environment.

WAN / Internet

Driving excellence in internet connectivity through top-tier, expertly implemented WAN solutions

Our WAN / Internet Products

Enterprise Fibre

Empower your business with high-speed, reliable enterprise fibre, offering a range of carrier options for robust network performance and seamless operations.

Wireless WAN 4G/5G

Achieve uninterrupted, reliable connectivity with Wireless WAN 4G/5G, ensuring no downtime using cellular technology and managed failover for continuous network reliability.

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Leverage the extensive NBN fibre network, providing high-performance, dedicated internet connectivity to meet business needs.

Business NBN

NBN offers cost effective, simple connectivity and extensive coverage to meet diverse business needs, but fully managed by Switch to alleviate any associated pain

Satellite & Fixed Wireless

Utilise wireless technologies that offer high-speed internet access, catering to remote or underserved areas where traditional wired connections might be limited.

Cloud Connectivity

Stay connected effortlessly with our reliable and advanced cloud networking solutions

Our Cloud Connectivity Products

AWS Direct Connect

Reduce network costs, secure your data and improve application performance by connecting directly to AWS and bypassing the public internet.

Azure ExpressRoute

Reduce network costs and extend your on-premises networks into the Microsoft cloud over a secure and private connection.

Data Centre Connectivity

Dedicated and secure network connectivity between on-premises and the Public or Private Cloud, offering improved performance for data transfer.

Managed Networks

Ensuring trusted, seamless connectivity through expertly managed network solutions

Our Managed Networks Products

Secure SD-WAN

Combining software-defined networking with robust security, a comprehensive solution for optimising network performance and protecting data for multisite organisations.

Network Management & Monitoring

Switch ensures the continuous health and optimal performance of networks through real-time monitoring and alerts

Wi-Fi and Wireless Solutions

Elevate connectivity by harnessing the power of Wi-Fi 6 to deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity for diverse user needs across a range of environments and applications.

Switching and Routing

Centralise control and configuration of network infrastructure, simplify management and enhance network performance.

Cabling & Infrastructure

Our solutions guarantee seamless end-to-end deployments, addressing the crucial need for a robust network foundation.


Enhancing business operations with specialised technology through our tailored IoT solutions

Our IoT Products

Smart Cameras & CCTV

Simplify security and increase coverage with our advanced camera solutions on a single cloud-managed, integrated security platform

Cloud-Managed IoT Solutions

Our IoT edge-to-cloud service encompasses a suite of technologies: reliability, security, management, and data orchestration delivered through one cloud-based platform.

Secure IoT Networks

Agile IoT connectivity and security for all of your things. Grow the edge and reduce risk simultaneously.

IP Intercom & Access Control

Versatile and advanced intercom system, offering seamless integration with your phones and access control system

Environmental Sensors

Build a more resilient, sustainable workplace. From temperature monitoring to intrusion detection, gain incredible insights into any space.

Lift Lines

PSTN line replacement for essential services, using reliable multi-carrier cellular connectivity.

4G/5G Coverage Solutions

Solve cellular coverage issues for in-building and mobile applications, bring reliable connectivity inside any building or remote location.


Protecting your business with our range of specialized cybersecurity solutions/products

Our Cybersecurity Products

Secure SD-WAN

Combining software-defined networking with robust security, a comprehensive solution for optimising network performance and protecting data for multisite organisations.

Security Services Edge

SSE provides dynamic and adaptive protection delivered from a purpose-built cloud platform.


The industry’s most complete AI-powered SASE solution, combining SD-WAN and SSE into a unified cloud native architecture.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Stay ahead of the most complex threats with Machine Learning powered, cloud-based network security.

DNS Security

Your first line of defence against web threats, deployed in minutes.

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