Celebrating 10 Years of Switch Telecom!

In July 2009, two brothers started a business with the goal of making telco clients happy. What seems like too simple of a business purpose was found to ring true with almost every business they came into contact with. Trust was low, frustration was high… People didn’t like their telecommunications provider and weren’t happy with the solution they were buying.

Think Telecom was born with a promise to under-promise and over-deliver and not the other way around. 10 years on and one name change later (someone with a significantly bigger legal budget also really liked the name…), Switch Telecom is going strong in achieving what has been the goal all along: Create happy customers. Hundreds of them, in fact, with thousands of projects successfully completed.

From Melbourne to Cairns, Perth to Sydney, clients all across Australia can feel the Switch difference. Being made up of small teams that each dedicate themselves to really care for their assigned clients, Switch Telecom is able to provide exceptional customer care bar none in an industry notoriously famous for treating its clients badly. On a trajectory to exponential growth, Switch Telecom continues to provide a carefully crafted selection of the latest telco products, fine tuned to each clients individual needs. No two clients are identical – and neither are the solutions created by Switch.

Even though the brainchild of the two brothers, Switch Telecom would still only be two young guys running around selling mobile phone plans without the outstanding support of family, friends, partners, mentors, advisors, and everyone who played a role in getting the company to where it is today. Last but not least, there would be no company in the first place if it were not for all of our loyal clients, some of which have been with us since the very beginning. To celebrate all of these people, as well as the fact that the company made it well beyond the typical lifespan of most startups, Switch Telecom held a 10-year anniversary at the Shadowfax Winery on the night of August 2, 2019.

Enjoy a few images from the party below. A huge shoutout to everyone present – and a digital “thank you” to the ones who would not make it. Here’s to the next 10 years, to the next 100 staff, to the next 1,000 clients. Here’s to making telco perfect. Here’s to Switch Telecom!

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