Hot Air Ballooning

Want to work in a company that loves to reward? At Switch Telecom, we know that investing in our people is they key to growing our company. We want this to be the best place to work because, for most people, the bulk of our waking hours are spent at work.

As part of making Switch Telecom the best place to work, we have stepped out of the ordinary sales incentive program and set whole team targets. All team members – regardless of the role they hold – are included in team targets. All team members hold crucial roles within the company, and as such, all deserve to reap the benefits of a job well done.

The time had come to set another team target. We had a few discussions in the team, tossing various ideas around, but nothing really wowed us until Hot Air Ballooning was mentioned. Even those scared of heights wanted to give it a go! The buzz in the office to hit the target was almost tangible. No one wanted to miss out on this one!

We do all this because we love our people.

Every time a sale went through, our Switchy playlist would get cranked up and we would all high-five each other and cheer. The atmosphere kept getting better and better.

Did we achieve it? In that atmosphere, of course! Everyone did their bit and we hit the target.

After some back and forth, we decided on this: we would hit one more target to be able to invite our partners. Who wouldn’t want to take their partner up in a hot air balloon? A record target had to be reached in order for it to happen – the highest targets over two consecutive months. Did anyone doubt it for a second? (yes, but don’t tell the others!)

Did we hit the second target? YES! The cheering and excitement that day would have scared the other offices in our building!

Much to everyone’s dismay, the first flight was cancelled due to high winds and stormy weather. We were all deflated because we had already waited so long for the right weather.

We never would have thought it would take so long to get up into the air, but we finally made it to the day of the flight. No email came to notify of bad weather, no phone call saying it was cancelled, no sleeping through alarms. Every team member made it to the Yarra Valley Lodge bright and early – 4am. With toothpicks holding our eyelids open and coffee in our bellies, we loaded into a convoy of four wheel drives to head for the flight zone.

We waited in anticipation for the balloon to fill with air, running around taking photos and taking in the beautiful dawn. It wasn’t long before it was ready for us to climb aboard.

We lifted off the ground slowly and steadily, and as we did so, you could have heard a pin drop. Noone make a sound as we lifted into the clear sky. We could see other balloons lifting up all around us, and but not a sound could be heard. It was spectacular to see the sun rise over the mountains, and we all took in the beauty and the stillness.

“The hot Air Balloon ride was amazing, much better than what I first anticipated.
Being that high in the air and overlooking the fantastic scenery of the Yarra Valley was a surreal experience.” – Rikki

Sharing such an incredible experience as a team was beyond special. It connected us in a way that going out for dinner or holding a team meeting just cannot achieve.

Once we hit the ground, the laughter and jokes started again. We worked together to pack up the balloon, and headed back to the Yarra Valley Lodge for a champagne breakfast. A toast to an awesome morning, and the satisfaction that we had done something wonderful.

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