In Switchytown, things run a bit differently.

We like it that way - and so do our customers.


SWITCH Telecom is not your usual telco business. Our company purpose is to Make Telco Perfect, which means we’re not happy unless our customers and staff are happy. We get a little bit closer to achieving that goal by relentlessly implementing the Kaizen Methodology in everything we do.

We work hard and play hard. Really hard. We usually don’t accept “no” for an answer, and “I’m waiting on” or “that’s not possible” is rarely heard around here. We work together, supporting and challenging each other in order to get the best results both internally and externally. We don’t compromise on our values or quality - ever. We aim to be authentic and honest in every situation. We play the long game to ensure a true win/win for both the customer and the business alike, providing solutions that last and keep us relevant as a business.

Because so many people have had bad experiences, our industry suffers from a bad reputation. We see this as a positive challenge - because that gives us an opportunity to be better, make a difference in our customers’ lives and truly #maketelcoperfect.


We've got a set of core values. And while they're also on the wall in our office, they're not just decoration: They guide how we do things, day in and day out, for the purpose of creating a long-term sustainable business that benefits everyone involved.

  • The company exists to serve its customers, employees and owners
  • We deliver on our commitments to each other
  • We add value to our clients by implementing solutions to problems
  • We have a win-win attitude
  • We learn from our mistakes and we don't repeat them
  • We work hard for a fair reward
  • We have fun


Switch is built on Teams of 3. Alpha, Bravo, Delta...and yeah, Whiskey (the office support team). Each team consists of a Project Manager, and two Technical Engineers. Together, the Team of 3 cares for customers exclusively assigned to them, from the first interaction all the way through the entire lifetime of a customer with Switch.

For the team, that means an agile, nimble structure with no hierarchies. Teams enjoy exceptional liberty and freedom - they are free to do (almost) anything that's required to achieve the 4 core tasks required:

  • Get the customer
  • Keep the customer
  • Collect the money
  • Do it profitably

For the customer, that means no outsourced support, no endless wait times, no inexperienced staff with no clue of their unique situation or product. A Team of 3 experts with highly specialised skillsets, all of which can be reached directly by phone or email.

Switch is specifically designed to encourage long-term relationships. We have virtually inexistant staff churn, and some of our customers have been with us since the very beginning. The longer a customer stays with us, the better we get to know them, and the better we can help them. Long-term incentives hold everyone accountable and force us to take the long view - to Make Telco Perfect for each and everyone of our customers.


While we can solve most telco problems for most types of customers, experience and feedback tell us we really shine with a specific type of business: Between 20 and 500 staff, with multiple physical locations and mix of voice and data products. For a more specific description, see our Ideal Customer Profile.

Sounds like a place you'd want to work at - or simply want to see our team structure? Read on...

Switch + You

Dear rule-breakers, questioners, straight-A students who skipped class: We want you.


We want the best people to work at Switch, whenever they're available. Here are the roles we're always hiring for.

Project Manager

You hold the strings. You help design solutions, and make sure people around you can perform at their max.
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Technical Engineer

You love tech. You get into the weeds of telco, setting up solutions and solving issues on a technical level.
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