Master Organiser

What we need

We aim to make our customers 100% happy – and Make Telco Perfect. In order to do both of these, we need our Teams of 3 to focus on what they do best and not worry about anything else.

We therefore need a Master Organiser to provide optimal support for our staff.

Think 1/3 Executive Assistant, 1/3 Team Parent, and 1/3 Friendly Drill Sergeant. We need those 3 combined, and applied to Switch in a loving but relentless way.

Who you are

We don’t care about your age, height, skin colour, hair colour, eye colour or any other colour.

But you need to love order. You need to be obsessed with efficiency. You need to be personallly offended by any dirty space. You need to get a kick out of improving any system and eliminating useless steps. You need to think pro-actively how to best support and serve the teams, always being one step ahead of their needs.

And you need to appreciate how we roll – see the Life At Switch page.

There is no diploma for what we’re looking for. There’s no formal education to get what we need. But once that specific skillset is achieved, it can be spotted from far away.

What you’ll do

You’ll be part of Whiskey Team, our support team that works across the entire business and exists to enable, serve and support the business and its Teams of 3 in every and any capacity.

You’ll work closely with another Whiskey Team member whose role it is to directly support the teams (finances, ordering hardware, processing orders etc.). Your role is to indirectly support the teams, i.e. to help with anything that falls outside of the direct business processes.

1/3 Executive Assistant: You’ll pro-actively support teams in whatever they need to make them more effective and efficient. Help them plan. Equip them with tools. Make sure their cars are serviced. Restock kitchen supplies and fruit. And whatever else you’ll spot to make them more efficient.

1/3 Team Parent: Many of us have kids, and we know what a tough job parenting can be. If you can run a household with kids while maintaining a sense of order and structure, you are a boss. And while there are no actual kids at Switch (at least not age-wise), but the tasks are very similar: Keep the house (office) clean. Designate a place for every item, and design a process that makes sure it gets returned to its spot after every use. Find the way to make the kids (teams) happy while keeping them in line.

1/3 Friendly Drill Seargent: Once implemented, you’ll make sure the new structures/rules/tasks/procedures are followed. To the T. No excuses. You’ll need to be loving but firm. Tell people if they step over the line. Call them out. Help them get better. Because only if we keep improving ourselves can we achieve our goal: To make telco perfect.

You’ll have broad responsabilities and wide-ranging authority, all in order to constantly ask (and then act upon) one single questin: How can I make this better?

Are you up for the challenge? Are you the one? Convince us!

NB: This role is specifically designed to fit a parent who wants to get back into the workforce. We’re happy to discuss working hours that fit your schedule. If you’re the right fit, we’ll make the details work.


    Are you currently eligible to work in Australia?YesNo

    Would you now or in the future require visa sponsorship to be eligible to work in Australia?Yes, nowYes, in the futureNo


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