Technical Engineer

What we need

There’s a massive pie out there – the Australian telco market. It’s $47 billion massive. In order to provide outstanding service to our ever-growing slice of that pie, we need a Technical Engineer – someone who gets bits and bytes as much as they get customer-centric support.

Who you are

We don’t care about your gender, age, height, skin colour, hair colour, eye colour or any other colour. In fact, we don’t even care about your formal education.

But you need to love technology. You need to see beauty in bits and bytes. You need to be on the cutting edge of technological development. You need to want to peek behind the curtain to see what awesome products are popping up all around and figure out how we best use them to serve our customers. And you need to love solving technical problems – whatever they may be.

Yes, industry experience and a deep understanding of telco technology help. Yes, a proven track record in solving IT problems and supporting customers with IT questions helps. But some of the most successful people at our company have had neither one of those and still have become invaluable members of Switch Telecom.

What you’ll do

You’ll be part of a Team of 3, working closely with your Project Manager and fellow Technical Engineer to make sure your customers are as happy as can be. You will be in charge of the technical implementation and maintenance of any solution provided to a customer. Once a deal has been signed and a solution designed, you’ll work closely with your Project Manager to implement that solution. She or he depends on your input on a proposed solution to make sure it’s technically feasible.

You’ll be thinking proactively about how to best serve the customer from a technical perspective. That includes proposing a different solution than originally planned if you see so fit. It also includes suggesting new, improved products or solutions we adapt to existing customers.

80% of your time will be office-based, 19% of your time will be on-site with customers, installing solutions, or fixing issues. The last 1% is spent climbing the ladder in the company darts hierarchy, a game which all our Techs dominate.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you the one? Convince us!

NB: This being an ad for a Tech, chances are you like details. See a detailed Job Description for this role here.


    Are you currently eligible to work in Australia?YesNo

    Would you now or in the future require visa sponsorship to be eligible to work in Australia?Yes, nowYes, in the futureNo


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