I love understanding our clients needs and working with our team to ensure we deliver, scalable cost effective solutions that meet their core business values.

What’s your area of expertise / responsibility at Switch?

Solution Ninja

How did you end up working at Switch?

If you ask the universe provide. I asked to find a work place that respected its people, was progressive in it’s thinking an always evolving. Here I am.

What were your initial observations at Switch?

A fun place where people do what they say they will with a high degree of integrity.

What impresses you most about Switch?

People first, this includes Staff and customers, constantly looking for a better way to do things

One of your fondest memories whilst working at Switch?

Being welcomed like an old friend.

Your Favourite thing to do when you’re not working at Switch?

Being away with my wife.

One thing you’ve always wanted to do that hasn’t been ticked off your bucket list?

Swim in all of the 5 oceans. 2 to go.

Your favourite movie ever and why?

42 – a true story of outstanding strength and humility in the face of racism and adversity. Jackie opened the doors for so many African American athletes.

 Your most treasured possession?

My Best Friend

Your 3 tips for an enjoyable holiday?

Live in a local Neighbourhood, Eat local food and Drinks, mix with the locals

If you could be a superhero who would it be and why?

Fearless fly. Meek and mild until its time not too be.

Your favourite quote?

The harder I work the Luckier I get

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