I work closely with IT administrators and our project managers to implement best possible network and telephony solutions. I have no hesitance to ask questions and recommend new ideas.

What’s your area of expertise / responsibility at Switch?

VoIP Engineering

How did you end up working at Switch?

Started working on VoIP technology 2005 in Japan. I researched VoIP providers, Switch Telecom came across my tentacles. So, I dropped by the office and had a good conversation with Steve. 18 mounts later I was setting up Webex for clients.

What were your initial observations at Switch?

I was pleasantly surprised that everything Steve raved about the company was actually true and far exceeded my expectations!

What impresses you most about Switch?

The company has the ability and willingness to accommodate the varied needs of each individual customer and that makes my job interesting and challenging.

One thing you’d say to the next new hire at Switch?

Keep your passion for learning alive.

The most awesome thing you’ve ever done for a Switch client?

Listen, act and deliver!

Your favourite movie ever and why?

Casablanca…. it’s a pure classic!

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

1st…!!!! 2nd…. moving to Australia.

Your most treasured possession?

My memories

Your 3 tips for an enjoyable holiday?

Eat like a local, drink like a local and party with the locals

If you could be a superhero who would it be and why?

Ultraman- he’s ultra cool.

Your favourite quote?

“Heaven does not create one man above or below another man.”

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