Our new company purpose: Make Telco Perfect

On a cold and sunny Melbourne morning in the middle of July, a team from Switch Telecom attended a breakfast meeting with Scottish author Alan Clayton, organized by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While the speaker certainly had a great message overall, one quote stood out to all of us:

“Your company purpose should be something that’s supremely hard to achieve – if not impossible. Because if it were easy, what would you do with your company once you reach it?”

On the way back to the office and well into the following weeks, this quote resulted in an engaging discussion about our own company purpose. Yes, it was written on the wall in the office – but what was it again? “To deliver innovative solutions…” or something? The earlier employees, having been there when it was put on the wall, knew it pretty well, the newer staff not so much – but we all agreed that, after having seen so many great examples in the speech, it was not punchy, concise and, most importantly, bold enough.

It was then when our Head of Sales, known for his verbal talent and general communication skills, shot it out like a pistol:

“Make Telco Perfect!”

We all looked at him – then we looked at each other – then we looked at him again… He continued “Well, yeah, make telco perfect. That should be our ultimate goal.” After some initial hesitation from the more conservative team members (after all, Switch is known to undersell and overdeliver, and not vice-versa), it dawned on us that this might just be the perfect company purpose.

It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s bold. It’s a gigantic task, virtually impossible to achieve. And it should be our ultimate goal. 

So, starting today, it will become our official company purpose: ‘Make Telco Perfect’. 

But what does that mean, apart from a few new letters in our logo and on the office wall? It means that as a team we will need to continuously up our game. It means that we have to continue working the Kaizen method to get better and better – all the time. It forces us to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and see the world through their eyes. What is a perfect experience in telco? From the initial contact across the sales process, the implementation of the solution and finally the ongoing support – how do we make THEIR experience perfect? It’s the ultimate way to only ever create win-win situations in our business: Whatever we do has to be a win for the customer. If we don’t deliver on this promise, we’re not living up to our own company purpose and therefore cannot claim a win for us. 

Will we ever achieve that purpose? Unlikely. Will there continue to be systemic delays, technical outages, and the occasional human error? Most likely. But we won’t rest until we have done everything we possibly can to make it a reality – because our customers deserve it, and because we know we can do better. A little better every single day to eventually #maketelcoperfect.

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