Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

At Switch Telecom, we believe it is important to reward our team for a job well done. We love to celebrate wins, and we do fun things to do just that! Who would have thought climbing to 134m above sea level would be the best way to celebrate our achievements?


It was the last quarter of the year, and Switch Telecom needed a new team target. Based on our previous rewards, it was no surprise that our first ideas for the next reward were also adrenaline-related!

After floating some ideas around the office one day, someone mentioned climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I am pretty sure everyone wants to take credit for it, but due credit goes to one of our Project Managers, Mathew Davies.

Everyone jumped on the idea, but all things considered, the target would be the biggest yet for Switch Telecom since its inception. Three consecutive months at the record amount would mean everyone would have to work really hard to hit this one.

We chose a Monday for the climb, and the whole team floated into Sydney over the course of the weekend prior. Monday finally arrived, and we met in downtown Sydney with great excitement. The day was warm and clear, perfect for climbing. Chin Chin, being one of our clients, was the perfect restaurant to conclude the climb, so even if we were exhausted and sore afterwards, at least we could celebrate over lunch.

The Bridge Climb staff prepped us with our safety gear, and we followed our guide out onto the first platform. Being able to see the ground and water underneath was scary and wonderful all at once. The usual banter going the whole climb, we all have a lot of fun on the way up.

We encouraged each other to keep going as we headed to the top of the arch. You could see 360 degrees around the skyline. The Opera House, Luna Park, Royal Botanic Gardens, Fort Dennison, and all the way to the heads. When we reached the top, we cheered and jumped up and down! It was such as great feeling to reach the top!

“The view was magnificent! Overseeing the Opera house and the city and other landmarks was just fantastic! We had a guide for our group who’d go before us and as we climb, she took our photos and gave us very informative insights about the bridge and the surrounding landmarks. A fabulous lunch at Chin Chin Sydney was our next stop where we ate a lot, A LOT!! We couldn’t be any more proud of each other and the way we worked hard to celebrate and share such an outstanding experience.” – Arpita

Although we were all ready for great pain after the climb, we were still full of energy and excitement. We moved on to Chin Chin and celebrated both our personal achievement in climbing the bridge, and our professional achievements within Switch Telecom.

We know that celebrating our wins, together as a team, motivates and inspires us to keep going, keep working hard, and keep pushing to get great outcomes for our clients.

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