The Enterprize Tall Sailing Ship. Our Family Day!

It is never easy coming into Christmas with our reward target so close and yet so far.. Our entire team worked around the clock in what ended up being and incredible month of sales and new client orders.  It came down to the very last minute on the last Friday before Christmas… and we did it, Switch Telecom hit the target!

This earned the chance for us all to celebrate the win with our families. This also ear-marked the first official ‘all-in’ Switch Telecom Family day. One of our Core Values is “The Company Exists to Serve its Clients, Employees and Owners.” Switch Telecom understands that Employees have a team behind them and this needed to be celebrated as well. We decided that we were going to be pirates for a day on board The Enterprize; a replica ship of John Pascoe Fawkner’s Schooner. This ship carried the first settlers from Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) to what has now become the worlds most livable city of Melbourne.

“It was fun to play with Family and friends. I loved exploring and walking around the boat with my Friends. I had sooooo much fun laughing and chillin out as pirates.”  – Aston Boothby

When the day finally arrived we gathered at the pier in Williamstown, hooks, guns, eye patches and even a barrel of rum. With a slight breeze behind us we knew it was going to be the day we’d all hoped for. Everyone was so excited and within minutes the safety brief was complete and with the sound of a cannon fire, were were off and sailing into the bay. Adults felt like kids and kids felt like pirates and pirates had a riot!

After we docked, we headed to the park to kick the footy, play Kubb and enjoy some amazing souvlaki’s from Hellenic Hotel. It was a wonderful day enjoyed by all!

Thank you to the Crew of the Enterprize for helping us celebrate our target and making our day so special. At Switch we love that we can include our families in the celebrations. Switch has always been and always will be a family.

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