What makes Switch Telecom unique?

In 2021, it’s become quite hard to create a unique product or provide a unique service. 

For most things, customers have more than one option. For some things, there are so many options that customers get stuck in paralysis by analysis. Very few things are truly unique, and with most problems, there is more than one way to find a solution. 

There are differences in quality, sure. There are market leaders: Google for search. Tesla for electric cars. Cisco for anything network related. But in every one of these fields, there are contenders constantly innovating and working hard to push the incumbent off the throne. 

And while some products are pretty self-explanatory (take Google Search as an example), others – particularly in the world of telco and networking – quickly require specialisation and ongoing support to maintain the level of complexity they’re meant to perform at. 

Looking at the issue from a provider perspective, and assuming that customers can get a plethora of solutions at any given time from any given number of vendors – how do you stand out and provide something that is really unique? 

By adding a human layer. 

Technology is at the foundation of most things in 2021. Or, as a famous investor put it, “software is eating the world”. But while artificial intelligence is certainly advancing rapidly, there are still plenty of use cases where a highly skilled and motivated human specialist can provide enormous value to the end customer. 

And that’s what makes Switch Telecom unique. 

The best router in the world will be a bottleneck if not configured correctly. The best repeater in the world won’t help the signal strength if not placed optimally. The best data connection in the world won’t work in an outage without someone having thought of and installed a failover solution. 

Once up and running, modern tech solutions are usually quite stable. However, life happens: Whether the intern accidentally changed some system settings or there’s a change in the work environment and the entire system now needs to serve remote workers – there are no guarantees. With downtime costing the business hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour (or worse, exposing the infrastructure to cyber threats), professional support is of the essence. 

That’s why at Switch Telecom, we work in Teams of 3. 

Each and every one of our customers has a dedicated, highly trained and motivated team they can reach out to directly. An Account Manager, a Project Manager and a Technical Engineer, all working closely together and highly aware of not only the solution implemented for each one of their customers but also of options and solutions for any requirements or issues that could occur. 

For our teams, customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Our internal performance standards are very customer-centric, and each team member is financially incentivised to onboard customers as flawlessly and efficiently as possible and then to keep them happy for as long as possible. Only by having satisfied long-term customers are our teams able to achieve their targets. 

Think about it: When was the last time you were able to speak to the same people from the first time you heard about a product, across the selection and decision process, during the implementation of the solution, and then ongoing for as long as you used the solution? 

Chances are… never

Based on the feedback we gather from our customers, the disconnect between departments and roles in a B2B sales cycle is one of the biggest sources of frustration. The sales rep sells you something, then a tech shows up with something else because they actually never communicated… and when you finally get a semi-working solution and you need someone to speak to, both the sales guy and the tech have vanished, and you’re stuck calling a toll free number to reach offshore first level support who have never heard about you in the first place. 

At Switch, the Account Manager would never sell you a solution that has not been approved by both the Project Manager and the Technical Engineer of their team to best solve your problem in the first place. Once you sign off, the Project Manager oversees implementation personally, working directly with the Technical Engineer and other tech staff if required. When you’re up and running, you’ll have the best solution for your needs – and if you ever need to speak to someone, your dedicated Team of 3 is right there for you. Here, in Australia. Ready to help you.

It’s 2021, and technology is amazing. Never before have telecommunications allowed us to do so much with so much flexibility. 

The technology layer itself you can get in many places. The human layer required to make it a flawless experience you can only get at Switch. 

The human layer makes Switch Telecom unique. 

And guess what? We’re happy to put our money where our mouth is. Call us on 1800 800 723 to speak to someone in sales. You’ll get connected with a Team of 3, which will learn about your issues and build the perfect solution – just for you. If 90 days after going live you’re not 100% happy with what we’ve built for you, we’ll remove the entire solution and won’t charge you a cent*. 

That’s why we are unique. 


*Yeah – there is an asterisk, just to be clear on things. We stand by our promise, but you have to fit our ideal customer profile – because that’s the kind of setup we excel at. Also, if we are unable to perform due to facts outside of our control (failure of infrastructure we don’t control, lack of service, hurdles we were not informed of, force majeure, and the like), we cannot offer any refund but promise to do anything within our powers to fix the problem for you. 

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