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Introducing... your own dedicated team of specialists

The Switch Model is why we can deliver what we promise. A dedicated team of three experts as one point of contact, delivering prompt, personalised service and supporting your business throughout your lifetime as a client.

And this is why we don’t use call centres

In an industry that operates in siloed teams, where knowledge and context are easily lost, the Switch Model is designed for accountability and laser focused on the customer. The buck stops here. You’ll get the direct contact numbers and emails of your dedicated team (save the hold music for the elevator).

We have a dedicated team at Switch that knows our solution and is only a phone call or email away. Whenever we need support, we get a quick response. Sarah Boorman Operations Manager, M3 Health
Whenever I encounter any issues in the stores, help is only a phone call away. Switch Telecom work with a healthy sense of urgency, and time critical issues are always resolved quickly. Bernard Parfait Infrastructure and Systems Specialist, Signal Brands
From the very beginning of our relationship, they have made us feel like we are their only clients. Whenever we have an issue, the team is quick to respond and always goes above and beyond to help us find a solution. Stevie Brown General Manager, Reliance Real Estate

Once upon a time...

The story of perfect telco

In the land of Switch, a Happy Ever After awaits! Here's how the story unfolds for our satisfied customers.

Chapter 1 The Grand Vision
Chapter 2 Crafting the Magic
Chapter 3 The Immaculate Rollout
Chapter 4 Happily ever after

We Plan with you

Meet your dedicated team and share your dream telco solution. We want to understand your pain points and what your voice and data needs are.

We design your solution

We work with our enterprise grade industry partners to design a tailored solution for your business to ensure a reliable and painless telco experience.

We deploy seamlessly

We’ll create a clear project plan with your internal team or IT partner and implement a seamless deployment ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

We've got your back

Sit down, relax and enjoy your new hassle-free telco solution, managed and supported by your dedicated team.

It sounds so simple, but it’s unheard of in the industry

We want you to win, we’re on your side, we work together as one. You’re getting a complete solution and a team of people who care.


  • The perfect blend of knowledge, expertise and service
  • Accountable and laser focused on our clients
  • Highly responsive – No wait times(!)
  • Invested, caring and incentivised to deliver

More than just exceptional service

View our Capabilities page to find out more about our products and technology solutions, sourced from world leading brands.

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